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Guadalajara City

February 14, 1542
Territorial expansion
151.4 square kilometers.
1 million 495 thousand 189 inhabitants.
Near cities
Zapopan (north), San Pedro Tlaquepaque (east) and Tonalá (east).
  • Today, Guadalajara is the capital of the state of Jalisco, the second largest and most important city in the country. It has around six million inhabitants, and is a large metropolis, with every feature which
  • a cosmopolitan city should have.

Why Guadalajara?

 Jalisco is located in central-western Mexico.

Population: 6.9 million (average age, 22 y/o)
GDP: $ 61.96 MUSD
Per capita: $ 8,948 USD


 • World class Infrastructure / industrial parks.
 • Strategic location and efficient logistic infrastructure.
 • 2 international airports (Guadalajara & Puerto Vallarta).
 • 300 km from Manzanillo, the second most important seaport in Mexico.


Tradition and Innovation

In addition to its tourist attraction, Jalisco is internationally positioned as the most developed high-tech pole in Latin America. With an ecosystem of more than 600 companies, more than 20 research and higher education institutions with related careers; more than 20,000 qualified jobs and generating exports of more than 2,000 million dollars, a public policy committed to innovation and competitiveness, Jalisco is the best place to promote alliances, business opportunities, technology appropriation and innovation in the face of the digital era.