International Conference on Nursing Informatics

"ICT to Improve Quality and Safety at the Point Of Care"


International Conference on Nursing Informatics 2018

About Nursing Informatics 2018


• Disseminate Nursing Informatics as the science that integrates nursing with the management of information and knowledge.
• Deployment and harnessing of ICT to promote the health of communities, individuals and families.
• Promote the exchange of experiences among educators, nurses, information management experts, researchers and technicians.
• Provide an interdisciplinary platform for the presentation of new advances and research results in the fields of Computer Science and Nursing Technology.
• Take advantage of the experience of NI groups in Latin America for the development of related working groups in Mexico.
• Bring academia, government and industry together to discuss the digital transformation of the healthcare sector.

AMIM, the Mexican Ministry of Health and IMIA LAC are the official hosting organizations under the program of DES 2018.

 Our objectives are:

• To leverage Mexico’s competitiveness in the use of ICT for healthcare.
• Bringing together key decision makers to enhance ICT public policies and programs to foster NI through the different institutions.
• To promote Healthcare sector as one of the best enablers for social and economic development and its potential to become an industrial sector.

The Security Factor

The safety and security of NI 2018 conference delegates, speakers and staff are among our highest priorities. The Organizing Committee will employ the necessary professional expertise to support the attendees, and to respond immediately to any situation that might occur during the conference.

• Overall security for the event.
• Evacuation situations.
• Reporting structure.
• VIPs and hotel security.
• Venue site security.
• Emergency medical care.
• Spouse’s program.
• Security personnel management.
• Communications security.
• Law Enforcement Agencies, if required.